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Committee Minutes

These accounts are made up to the Club’s normal year-end, 31st March.

Jim Wilkie has reviewed the Accounts and is satisfied that they represent a true and fair account of the Club’s position.

West Calder Bridge Club
Committee Meeting

2 pm 18th August 2020

Present:  Chris Cosgrove (CC), Frances Sorlie (FS), Scott Prentice (SP) and Margaret Dunlop (MD).

Apologies: None - Committee all present


1. West Kirk of Calder Church Hall:

Email received advising there was no change regarding the opening up of the hall and still dependent on updates from Scottish Government and Church of Scotland.

2. Commencement of Bridge:

The Committee discussed both the hall and risks concerning bridge play.  Other premises and play risks were discussed.  It was decided that WCBC would not commence Bridge play until West Kirk of Calder Church Hall was opened and all risks were mitigated concerning cards, boxes, proximity etc.

3. WCBC Fees and Commitments:  WCBC Accounts were published on the Website and show the club has sufficient funds.  Fees and liabilities were discussed. The only outstanding cost is the Club Liability Insurance which falls due in the autumn.  It was agreed the insurance cost will be paid and no membership fees will asked for at this time.

4. SBU: A further email has been received advising the SBU will be continuing to charge membership fees of £10 pounds per person for 2020/2021 session. The email also advised any (WCBC) Member wishing to play in competition on BBO and where their Club had not committed could contact their District SBU Chairperson.  The Committee agreed that members will be consulted regarding SBU Membership for 2020/2021 by email. The email will ask members to vote on whether they wish WCBC to continue being affiliated to the SBU and ask for replies by Friday 11th of September 2020. The SBU requires all members of a club to pay the SBU subscription to be an affiliated club.

5. AGM: The Committee discussed the 2019/2020 AGM which had not been held due to COVID-19.  The accounts had been completed, audited and posted on the WCBC Website for members’ perusal along with competition winners.  The trophies were not engraved or presented.  An important outstanding item from the AGM was the election of Office Bearers including President.  The Committee agreed the first evening WCBC can resume play the election of Office Bearers would take place with AOB.   

6. AOB: There was no AOB.


     WCBC Committee Meeting closed 3.00pm.